16 oz. Coconut Sugar Coffee Body Scrub
16 oz. Coconut Sugar Coffee Body Scrub
16 oz. Coconut Sugar Coffee Body Scrub
16 oz. Coconut Sugar Coffee Body Scrub

16 oz. Coconut Sugar Coffee Body Scrub

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Coffee Scrub Works with Coconut Sugar is a sweet combination of all natural ingredients which help soften, exfoliate, moisturize and firm skin without chemicals, fragrances or anything bad for you! It's even vegan without a drop of anything you can't pronounce! Everything in it is edible in fact!

There are lots of coffee scrubs out there, why buy yours?

Other coffee scrubs come in much smaller packages, but ours comes in a full 1 pound bag or 16 ounces which means you get 8 treatments from one of our large bags and it costs less than some other top brands (that contain all kinds of preservatives). One popular brand sells for $16.99 for a 7 ounce bag. Our brand is 16 ounces! And ours contains ZERO preservatives and chemical fragrances!

Why such a big bag, do I need to use more of your scrub than other brands?

Nope. We think you'll want to use our scrub often and want it to last. Coffee Scrub Works is different than other brands because our bags are resealable and inside the bag are 8 individual 2 ounce packets so you get enough coffee scrub to use for 8 single experiences which should last you two months or longer or if you want to really get dirty with it you can use 2 of the enclosed pouches at a time for a super scrub down focusing on problem areas like heels and elbows.

Isn't coffee scrub really messy? 

It is, we recommend that you make sure your drain is clean and free of hair etc but it should go down the drain easily. Our coffee is a fine grind that rinses down easier than larger ground coffee and we use fractionated coconut oil so it doesn't clump and solidify at low temps. So it goes down the drain much easier! If you are worried about your plumbing you can get a basin large enough to stand in and use it to catch most of the scrub that falls off before you rinse. 

Why Coconut Sugar and Turbinado Sugar isn't one good enough?

Coconut Sugar is minimally processed and is often used in natural skin care products. We also use Turbinado Sugar because it has a larger grain and helps with heavy exfoliation. Sugar is a natural humectant, which can help with hydration and why it is often used in skin care products. Because of the large grain of the Turbinado Sugar we do not recommend this scrub to be used on the face dry. You can soften it in a bit of water into a paste before applying to your face to melt some of the larger grains that might be too scratchy for sensitive facial skin or look for our facial blend instead. 

What is fractionated coconut oil and why do you use it?

We use fractionated coconut oil which is more shelf stable and a superior emollient that is beneficial for all skin types and can moisturize with no oily sheen. It absorbs quickly and is a bit less slippery in the shower! Unlike traditional coconut oil which becomes solid at room temperature, fractionated coconut oil should not leave skin feeling greasy. It also shouldn't clog your drains! 

Why do we pack our bags with individual "servings" of our coffee scrubs?

Simple.We do not use chemical preservatives of any kind.

Everything is all natural in our scrubs and though salts and sugars are antimicrobial and so is coconut oil the introduction of water to the bag of coffee scrubs can cause bacteria, fungi and molds to grow. You do NOT want to bathe in that! Often people store their scrubs in the bathroom or in the shower itself. Again condensation and water can deteriorate your product. This way you get the freshest possible scrub every time and no worries about contamination. 

Vegan - Chemical Fragrance Free - No Chemical Preservatives - No Animal Testing - NOTHING but the good stuff! 

We think you'll find Coffee Scrub Works brand superior to any other coffee scrub you've tried before! 

Please note, pregnant women are advised not use coffee scrubs of any kind due to the high caffeine content, but it's great for after you can drink coffee again. 

Coffee Scrub Works is a body scrub and wash and not intended to offer any medical benefits or "cures".

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