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Retti, The Symbol

The Retti symbol is an ancient Scarab Beetle called Khepri an Egyptian God of creation, transcendence, meaning rebirth resurrecting our true higher self. The Gods and Goddess of Egypt are adoration's for self, metaphors, characteristics or personifications that we ourselves must activate from within to be a true master of your domain. With great sacrifice from mortal low frequency thoughts or actions, comes great immortal power that gives us great responsibility to manifest with wisdom.

Retti means Righteousness Everlasting Thoroughly Thoughtful Individual with every step you take ready for whats next. The sun-disk represents our chakras (shockRa) uplifting our root from fear. The two snakes on each side is from the caduceus, the rod of Hermes that you see in Hospitals, similar to the ying and yang, yesterday and tomorrow, mortal/matter and spiritual/thought, electric and magnetic. The colorful wings represent our chakras activated with our enlightened mind, as the scarab beetle itself represents the shape of our cranial skull. At the bottom of what the beetle is holding is called a shen which is the womb of eternity, the top of an ankh, the ohm symbol, where the ribbon and the green lantern symbol is depicted from. The awareness ribbon is a shen symbol.


To get Retti is to prepare you for your next moment until your very last. Everything that exist is energy, and energy is in everything that exists, energy is purpose. We make time relevant cause it is not meant to be wasted. Your life is your own movie but many act like its just a commercial without care or attention taking yourself seriously. Now its time to get Retti to play your part. Retti brings opportunity to make a difference ourselves when we come together.