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Get Retti to bring more unity with action, opening our minds towards life, seeing more purpose and meaning with the power of true unconditional universal love!
Mastering meditation correctly will create spiritual plateaus or channels to ascend to, preparing you for your next moment to next life. So weather you meditate or not, any good or bad you do effects your souls fate.
Never stop meditating for your higher-self that you reactivate within you it strengthens your intuition and knows your purpose.
Meditation is an ancient method to obtain universal wisdom to help us evolve with peace to fulfill order for civilizations.
The possibilities are endless when meditation is mastered. All we need is more opportunity to proceed in those possibilities, so get Retti to make it happen together with your help!
 Our objective is to unite free thinkers everywhere that are on the same vibration to do more with their journey in advancing their spiritual knowledge and realizing the importance of knowing who we are. Staying connected for not just any purpose, creates more of an opportunity for everyone to advance in anyway with our direct help.
Your unity will help create this process expand and network between other institutions, businesses and organizations creating a solid foundation of spiritual beings as a whole.This is our chance to make a difference ourselves circulating growth with less struggle.
The pathway to enlightenment may already be difficult for some, but it doesn't need to be confusing, this is a spiritual duty we all have.
Everything about Retti regards to spiritual enlightenment. Our souls knows what our mind may not know. The soul doesn't contain any negativity like our minds taint it with, love does not lie and the soul is full of love.
Its time to be our own charity in action since charities aren't doing as much as they should!
Money is Currency, flow it into the right Direction
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