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Truth Bumper Sticker

10 X 3 Vinyl Bumper Sticker

Quote reads “Without truth nothing is sacred”



Product Description

Vinyl Bumper Sticker Dimensions: 10″w X 3″h

Features an inspirational quote with the Retti Khepri mascot logo.

Retti’s Khepri mascot represents the scarab beetle that symbolizes the main 3 cranial parts of our skull, with wings meaning the discovery of the Divine Self. The various colors along with the sun-disk represents our energy centers or chakras(shockRa) in harmony working together with our cranium. The 2 snakes on top of the sun disk represent subtle and gross (wisdom, love, cosmic consciousness) and (Nature, Mortal consciousness, awareness of time and space), also part of the caduceus that you may see in hospitals and ambulances, the right and left hemisphere of our brain as well as the gross and subtle dual polarities we posses magnetic and electric, logic and creative. Khepri-Ra is holding the shen which would be located at the top of the ankh it represents Ω ohm, omega and the womb, the eternity of life.

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