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The Road to Enlightenment

Remember all in-depth spiritual knowledge comes from meditation connecting to nature of one source. Our awareness of our spirit will develop and evolve like it’s suppose too so our minds can adapt to it. Part of the clothing’s purpose is to keep symbolism of enlightenment with you at all times to remember your divinity living in harmony. You must be aware of yourself so you can be aware of your world. We are a product of evolution not a product of our environment. Be free of fear and judgement.

Retti LLC knows depression, bi-polar, stress, disorders and suicide is rising at a all time high, and it can’t be for no reason. If peace and happiness comes natural then it might be harder to buy more and consume without needing anything. Which is why we need a trusting charity that gets us what we all need and want. It’s crucial to care about ourselves because we will be lost to another extreme. We must bridge this gap of misunderstanding together.

Enlightenment is the inevitable purpose of life that we ALL will experience. Meditation is proper medication to evolve, and studies proven that it raises our intelligence expanding our mind which is the proper ability to learn from. See the world for what it really is and fulfill it’s purpose, then actually grow while helping each other grow. Retti is part of a spiritual awakening to strengthen the connection to the spirit world.

Retti is here to help you think on a higher frequency than any problems you are facing. Be more in-tune with ourselves to save ourselves, your sole purpose is your soul. The disorders or phobias we have are actually powers or senses idling dormant poking at you to wake up and take care of your temple, not to ignore it. The soul controls the mind, the mind is not suppose to control the soul. Meditation will teach you many things if you’re patient and respectful enough to take time out of each day to worship your true HigherSelf that is literally connected to everything else.

We are born with spirits not religions, so lets start with spirit. Retti is created by noticing the ongoing problem that people are facing dealing with their own problems in their way. The thing is how we react to these problems is how it will be solved that will create a better result. Meditation is the foundation of civilization, because how is anything created without first being at peace? The mind isn’t supposed to be constantly thinking non stop like the heart, so it’s important to have peace in the mind away from everything and just be aware of every part of our existence.

Being bored or having low negative thoughts/actions is a sign that you are too intertwined with the material domesticated programmed world which needs to change so your spiritual ‘boredom’ and the wonder of all can meet. Cause if you knew better you will do better without any effort since there is so much your soul can teach you by not ignoring the signs. We must truly realize how serious it is to evolve to not get lost and spread truth to excel society.

Be the Change

An opportunity to change the world ourselves.

MEDITATE: We learn from yesterday and prepare for tomorrow, then what’s more important than the present of right now? Mastering meditation more and applying it in our society will make us a closer spiritual community more than ever before with your help! Being the positive in all the negative is part of universal law. Are you a worrier? or a WARRIOR!

INVEST: The true nature of reality is discovering spiritual enlightenment that’s fundamental for manifesting creation, knowing our true Sovereignty. It’s Retti’s mission to preserve the peoples value with evaluating our issues in communities first hand, bringing our voice together to be heard louder. Invest in connecting with the community that’s waking up since our future depends on it.

UNITE: There is no enemy since we are all one. Retti keeps you connected into something greater than we can even imagine using our creative minds and investments together. Contribute to helping those in need of it, such as the lack of support for each other, the lack of education, natural disasters and pollution occurring, or anywhere there is injustice or extreme poverty. Get personal with what’s around you more than any organization ever before. No one should feel out of place or judged with Retti. Think, how can we survive without each other?

CREATE: With each purchase you contribute to and support Retti’s brand and ideals for a better life. Endorse Retti and what we stand for by getting your family and friends to wear it and share it. Use hashtag #getretti across social media to build awareness! Like our Facebook page @getretti, email Retti at and ask for more information to be connected to something big. Because love, wisdom, and truth have no limit! Proceeds of Retti will create jobs and careers to create a better future without suffering.