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Retti’s Mission

We want to put an end to the division together by circulating wisdom of truth with each other and spreading awareness of enlightenment. It’s better to observe things first instead of trying to understand it so suddenly. Retti’s goal is to break down all the barriers that we build around ourselves so there will be unity with knowledge and enlightenment. We must knock down our walls in order to build more bridges. Discovering how much we can help each other by helping ourselves. Contributing to daily change by being Retti.

Retti is a step towards a society that teaches us how to think instead of what to think. The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those that speak it. As a result, believing in so many lies creates unbalance, dangerous thinking and decision making. Denying and rejecting the truth the moment its heard and creating cognitive dissonance. Don’t think changing the world is harder than what it seems.

Our mission is to expand perception and to allow individuals to evolve into their highest potential. Helping you to find a version of yourself that even you did not know was possible, bringing you beyond a limiting point of view. Creating something new with an expanded different way of thinking! To be unbiased and accept truths with thorough research and an open mind. Disregarding cognitive dissonance so we can talk to each other more like family and initiate ourselves with wisdom. Connecting with those who want and need to know more and to share that knowledge with one another. Let’s make strides to change the world together, join the Retti movement!

Retti’s Foundation of Thought

There is no jurisdiction over spirit in all nature. There’s no law higher than the truth, no obedient rule can overrule a moral sense of existence, survival and self-defense is instinct. I claim my identity with the all in each one. Living and abiding universal law I serve no threat to others or myself only to serve the well-being of all life. Therefore I am an earth guardian, connected to a family of nations with sovereignty from Earth and knowledge of divine rights existing directly from the absolute all, a celestial genetic inheritance with access of other realms which cannot be moved by any government of man.

We all are different colors illuminating from the same source of light. I am thee spirit that has ownership of a body given a name from an inevitable non-negotiable birth for the spirit to evolve into a greater mature being of Self. Thou shall not tread on self I am the master of my own and the temple exists within so say the Lord I. Expect resistance if you don’t respect existence.