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Our Approach to Ignite Change

By organizing ourselves we organize the world!

With your affiliation with Retti you are spreading the word of the free spirit together! People will know the true meaning of love with Retti, when one sees you with Retti they see more than a friend! We are family! Spread awareness of enlightenment!


Step 1: Knowledge

There’s no end in knowing, it is never-ending in the unknown, by knowing more you can do more. We don’t realize the advantage we have or see all the options to choose from when we know things, we are easily discourage on how to apply or use the knowledge to its full potential. With true knowledge there is true power in expanding perception with your reality. No one knows what is best for you but you, which is why it is important to know your true self with an open mind detached from mortality because that ‘voice’ in your head is infinite.


Step 2: Connect

Retti can only contribute to new career opportunities and a better way of life with YOUR help, Use #getretti all over social media to communicate with everyone on a higher level, sharing each others unconditional thoughts without being quick to judge. We can dissolve stress ourselves with love in many different forms. Make enlightenment the new topic of discussion everyday, help others get ready to prepare themselves for their next moment. Everyone should know you are living your afterlife now to prepare you for the next, karma matters from the next minute into the next life, the energy in you doesn’t dissipate or is dormant, it transcends or recycle. With Retti you are freeing your open mind to connect with other open minds that wants to grow as much as you, by being partners with Retti you will fund yourself as you are funding the future. Expand your point of views with one another. Exchange sources, resources, insight, or business information. Don’t think you can’t make a difference cause it is your purpose to. Retti will help you let go of your problems and see them as objectives or lessons to conquer.


Step 3: Invest

With more knowledge applied you will know time is not for wasting, its for evolving! You will be investing in your self for change to get more organized, by being a free spirit you are unstoppable. Become wiser with money controlling the currency to where it should flow. Retti guides you to where its best to circulate your currency back into funding needs and enlighten society. The feeling of giving back to others and thankful for it on a large scale has no explanation of words that you impacted. There shouldn’t be such a hassle to help those who need help. Investing in others, is investing in yourself.