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The Meaning of Retti

Righteous Everlasting Thoroughly Thoughtful Individual.

You are a free thinker. You aren’t limited by a single point of view. You are open minded and unbiased. You want to share your knowledge and each other’s wisdom. You understand that we all deserve more opportunities and that by putting mind over matter we can all live comfortably and peacefully. You are all these things and much more. You are Retti.

What good are wings in a cage? Retti is founded to make the world a better place and actually see the change it creates, unifying those that are Retti into a single movement so that we can start each new day in the right direction and help each other no matter where we are.

Our Logo

The Retti Khepri (Brand Mascot)

Our Khepri represents the scarab beetle that symbolizes the main 3 cranial parts of our skull, with wings meaning the discovery of the Divine Self. The various colors along with the sun-disk represents our energy centers or chakras(shockRa) in harmony working together with our cranium. The 2 snakes on top of the sun disk represent subtle and gross (wisdom, love, cosmic consciousness) and (Nature, Mortal consciousness, awareness of time and space), also part of the caduceus that you may see in hospitals and ambulances, the right and left hemi-sphere of our brain as well as the gross and subtle dual polarities we posses magnetic and electric, logic and creative. Below Khepri-Ra is holding the shen which would be located at the top of the ankh it represents Ω ohm, omega and the womb, the eternity of life.

Get Retti

With Retti you’re making a statement that you’re in the knowing of wonder and ready to know more! When you wear our apparel or purchase an item from our store you are sharing in our journey. You are making the statement that you are a part of the Retti movement – that you believe in Retti’s mission, that you share Retti’s philosophies and that you want to utilize Retti’s approach to change the world. Choose from the options below to learn more about what it means to be Retti.